Stop Brexit & a People's Vote

September 29, 2019 1:46 PM
By Hilary Shibata

Local Lib Dems were in Saffron Walden Market on Saturday talking about the latest Lib Dem position on Brexit. Actually, it's not really news to anyone that the Lib Dems want to stop Brexit - and now Jo Swinson has made it absolutely clear. Lib Dems will campaign in the next General Election to Stop Brexit by revoking Article 50. And if Lib Dems are the outright winners and form a majority government, with Jo Swinson as Prime Minister, the nation's voters will have given us a mandate to do exactly that, Stop Brexit.
If we win more seats in Parliament but not an outright majority, we will continue to push for a People's Vote on Brexit, with the option to Remain on the ballot paper. And we will campaign to Remain. Stop Brexit flow chart
The deal we have now as members of the European Union is far, far better than anything that has even been suggested - never mind agreed. Calling a halt to the Brexit process is one way to take the heat out of the debate and start the process of national reconciliation.