June 11, 2020 11:24 AM
By Alan Dean

Uttlesford Liberal Democrat and Green councillors are seriously concerned and distressed at the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, USA two weeks ago.

They decry discrimination and injustice that still exists for Black, Asian and all minority ethnic communities, whether in Uttlesford, elsewhere in the UK, the USA or in other countries.

"We want to make clear our utter condemnation of racism in all its forms and of all forms of discrimination", said Cllr Ayub Khan, who represents Stansted South & Birchanger. "It is deep rooted and has to end."

"We condemn completely racism and discrimination against black people in America, in the United Kingdom and around the world", said Cllr Barbara Light, Member for Saffron Walden Audley. "The seven Green and Liberal Democrat councillors condemn intolerance wherever it happens. It has no place in Uttlesford. We want action from the Council to identify and eliminate it."

Stansted North councillor, Alan Dean, said: "We are calling on the Saffron Walden MP, Kemi Badenoch, as the Government's Equalities Minister, to work with the Council to address all inequalities in this district, and those highlighted in the recently published public health report detailing the higher rates of infection and death of Black and other ethnic people from COVID-19."

Councillor Paul Fairhurst, Saffron Walden Shire, added: "Whilst we hope that Uttlesford is a relatively inclusive and welcoming place, it is still important that we remain vigilant and make a clear stand against prejudice and hatred in all its forms. The Council must reach out to minorities within our community."

The seven Green and Lib Dem councillors, who also include Melvin Caton, Janice Loughlin and Geoffrey Sell, are united in saying "As community leaders we must set an example, add our voices and start by saying black lives matter. We must find ways to make this a reality. We are asking that Uttlesford Council brings forward proposals to ensure that it acts against local discrimination."