Over 25,000 New Homes to be built in Uttlesford by 2040?

August 13, 2020 11:06 AM
By Alan Dean

Cllr Alan Dean, leader of the Lib Dem Opposition, said "Back in April, when R4U persuaded the Council to vote to withdraw the emerging plan, the Lib Dems warned that the decision meant the Council would lose control over the number of houses the Government required to be built in the district. We said it would also leave the district prey to more unplanned development without the necessary infrastructure".

"This week, the Conservative Government has announed proposals to change the planning system. The new Uttlesford Local Plan will have to include at least 1200 new homes per annum compared to 715 each year in the withdrawn plan.

"Over the years to 2040, in excess of 25,000 new houses will have to be built in Uttlesford. This would be a 70% increase on the current number of houses in our towns and villages. This is not environmentally or socially sustainable."

Uttlesford Liberal Democrats opposed the decision in April by the Council's R4U administration to withdraw the emerging Local Plan. "It appears to have LD Stock Housing in countryside photobackfired spectacularly on the district's residents and environment. said Lib Dem Local Plan Spokesman, Cllr Melvin Caton of Stansted South & Birchanger.

The Liberal Democrats are calling for Council Leader John Lodge to account for R4U's lack of strategy and for the local MP, Kemi Badenoch, to explain the government's proposals to councillors.