Uttlesford Liberal Democrats welcome the resignation of Leader of Uttlesford District Council

November 30, 2021 7:47 AM
By Melvin Caton

Melvin Caton

Reacting to the news that Cllr John Lodge is unexpectedly resigning as Leader of Uttlesford District Council Cllr Melvin Caton (pictured), the leader of Liberal Democrat group on the council said " We welcome the news that John Lodge is stepping down as Leader. He has overpromised and under-delivered for the residents of Uttlesford."

"Under his leadership the R4U administration mishandled the Stansted Airport planning application especially the appeal. He has left local Council Tax payers to pick up a bill in excess of £2m as a result of their incompetence. R4U have failed to deliver on his pledge to build more council houses in the district than the previous Tory administration. Two and half years after we declared a Climate Emergency in the district the council has only spent £10k out of the £1m set aside in the budget to tackle Climate Change."

"I hope that his successor will be less confrontational and show a genuine desire to work with other parties on the council", Cllr Caton added.